Strategic Climate Action

Managing your climate impact while funding innovative
nature-based solutions

We want to see a world in which everyone understands the importance
of being climate positive

By taking the necessary strategic actions we can create a healthy living planet

This is what we do

We research and curate a well balanced portfolio of carbon removal, carbon reduction and biodiversity projects.

We support you or your business to estimate the impact of your carbon emissions on the environment.

We help you to understand and reduce your carbon use and compensate for what you can't avoid, all while supporting these carefully selected projects.

Our Projects

Planet Moja Project Portfolio

At Planet Moja we curate a project portfolio that together represents the attributes of climate and biodiversity action that we care about. We have developed a ratings system to help us assess our partners and balance the portfolio to ensure they meet our criteria. We look at the underlying technology the project uses to remove or avoid carbon emissions, the objectives of the project, and other project fundamentals. No projects are able to do everything perfectly, it’s why we think a portfolio approach is so important.

Carbon Credits and Standards

Our projects generate carbon credits through their emission reduction and removal activities that are verified independently using global standards and recorded transparently in public registries.

As a tradeable unit, anyone can neutralise their climate impact and compensate for their business or personal emissions by buying and retiring carbon credits.

Carbon credits are the currency of a system allowing anybody to finance measurable climate action.

A carbon standard is an accounting system and validation framework to create transparency in measuring verified reduction or removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Uncertainties and fraud can happen, so the standards build in an insurance framework or ‘buffer pool’ to cover any project failures and improve the reliability and sustainability of the framework. This credibility allows businesses and individuals to support validated projects, knowing that their funds have direct and measurable climate impact.

We only source projects that are independently verified as compliant with one or more international standards and also pass our rigorous ratings system.

The main voluntary carbon standards are Verra and Gold Standard which have developed to incorporate a wide range of carbon drawdown solutions. There are also standards that specialise such as Puro who only assess carbon removal projects and Plan Vivo who focus on blue carbon, forests and biodiversity. We look for excellent projects first, choose those that score the highest in our ratings system, and always ensure that they are compliant with one or more of the global standards.


There are lots of carbon footprint calculators out there. We've got a simple one here which uses your monthly spending as the key indicator of emissions and then adds lifestyle choices around travel and diet.
Find out more about our methodology here

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